Blossom Ragdolls has had the time of our life in the shows with our Ragdolls & friends for 15 years. We love promoting the breed & traveling this beautiful country. Cherished times!

The 40th Annual TICA Awards and Allbreed Cat Show “Viva Las Vegas II” was a three-day show with some 500 varieties of cats.

RW SGC Blossom Muri Sage of Methodius, with Asa Broing of Sweden

Friends together. Carla of Blumenkatzen Ragdolls in Brazil with me at the Corpus Christi, Texas cat show.

2019 Me and Trevor in Colorado

2020 International Ragdoll Congress in Corpus ChrisSti, Texas. Great times!

QGC Rockcreek Beautiful Rose of Blossom, BEAUTY.

2019 Best Seal Color Point Ragdoll of TICA.

2012 LA SGC Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom, LINDEN

Great times!